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Please note: errors at the Windows 7 Update March 2018 (KB4088875)
In case that you have problems with this update, please read our How To which can be found on:



ADDI-DATA has developped a new driver generation: the ADDI-DATA Multiarchitecture Device Drivers 32-/64-bit for x86/AMD64.

These drivers are adequate for:

64-bit applications (up from Windows 7)
New 32-bit applications (up from Windows 7) that are to be ported to 64-bit in the future
ADDI-DATA Multiarchitecture Device Drivers

These drivers are not adequate for:

Existing 32-bit applications (Windows XP/7), that were installed with ADDIREG.
Please use our driver ADDI-DATA W32-Bit Driver for x86.
ADDI-DATA W32-Bit Driver for x86

Porting from 32-bit to 64-bit application

Case 1: no new compiling

You want to continue to use your existing 32-bit application with Windows 64-bit without any changes and thus without compiling

*The compatible DLL is not yet available for all boards or functions. Please call us: tel.: +49 7229 1847-0.

Case 2: with compiling

You want to use your existing 32-bit application with Windows 64-bit with changes

Should you have any questions concerning the driver download

Please call us, phone: +49 7229 1847-0