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Temperature monitoring in a steelwork

Temperature monitoring in a steelwork

Temperature monitoring in a steelwork


In steelmaking the temperature is an important parameter. Therefore it must be precisely measured and monitored. For this purpose, high precision and real time are absolutely necessary to regulate the heating and the cooling processes as exactly as possible. Thus a system that measures and calculates data in real-time and provides the data to the PLC is the best solution. Furthermore by working at high temperatures, the risk that sensors could melt must be considered.

Solution of temperature monitoring

For the application of temperature monitoring in a steelwork, the temperature is measured with a specific contactless sensor, a spectral pyrometer. The MSX-Box PAC-system acquires and calculates the measured values in real time and forwards them to the PLC that regulates the process precisely within a defined time. For the analysis and visualisation of the data the acquired values are processed directly on the MSX-Box and then displayed as a diagram through the web front end. The parameterisation of the monitoring is also effected via the web front end.

Via the Profibus interface, the MSX-Box is connected to the PLC that controls the steelmaking process.

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